What to expect from your first appointment?

Most appointments take place in the consulting suites at The Priory Hospital in Edgbaston. First appointments are normally for 30 minutes which allows time for you to explain your problems and also to be examined and a management plan to be formulated. Every consultation is followed up with a typed letter for you to keep, written in plain English so that you can understand what has been discussed. In certain circumstances, you may be initially offered an Urodynamics appointment instead to reduce costs or save you time waiting for appointments.

Quite often tests need to be organised and these will often using the ePAQ system or the electronic bladder diary system. Both of these require user licences but this is a once only fee. Unfortunately not all insurance companies will cover the cost of these investigations and there may be an excess. These total £40 but are one off costs for each patient, so if your treatment is being monitored then you won't incur further costs.

The most common test ordered is video Urodynamics and you will find more details about this in the advice sheet on the patient information page. The results of your Urodynamics test will normally be discussed immediately afterwards to save you having to be seen at a further appointment, this again will be followed up with a letter explaining what was agreed.

If at any point there is any confusion please either phone Wendy or email where we will endeavour to contact you back within 1 working day.

Useful Gynaecology Links

The following are a list of websites of further information and services that may be of use.

  • BSUG - Britich Society of Urogynaecology

  • Bladder and Bowel Foundation - The Bladder and Bowel Foundation or B&BF is a UK wide charity that provides information and advice on a range of symptoms and conditions 

  • BUPA - Health Insurance

  • AXA - Health Insurance

  • RCOG - Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • IUGA - International Urogynecological Association

  • UKCS - United Kingdom Continue Society

  • All About Incontinence - A large part of living in confidence is understanding about your condition and taking positive steps to manage it. This site provides all the information you need to do this.

  • NHS Choices - Information and Help with Incontinence.

Further Info & Links





I had the privilege of meeting Mr Topaz-Hobson three month's ago. I found him to be a committed and exceptional individual who showed me empathy and professionalism from the first initial appointment through to my surgery on the 11th March and continuing through post operative. After suffering debilitating chronic pain for 4 to 5 years and almost giving up Mr Topaz-Hobson showed me dignity and respect along with hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I would recommend this consultant to everyone out there who are suffering in silence and need help and hope. For the first time in years o am pain free and have my life back. Thank you so much for all you have done.

Patient at BMI The Priory Hospital - March 2019


I had my first tape in 200 for stress incontinence after everything else I tried failed. In 2016 I started to have slight pain and soreness. My surgery arranged for me to see Mr Hobson and he diagnosed the tape had prolapsed into the vagina. I had it removed and I thought another tape would be inserted but Mr Hobson wasn't happy with the size of my bladder so after nearly twelve months of patches and urodynamics and a failed bulking agent I had a TVT when Mr Hobson was confident that I was suitable for this procedure. If someone asked me about TVT tape I would tell them to research the surgeon doing the procedure and their experience of tape operations. Mr Hobson is a surgeon who investigates patients suitability for this operation. Discusses options and follows up his patients recovery. I'm delighted. It has given me the chance of an active life again.

Helen Bate - September 2018

I saw dr. Toozs- Hobson today, for the very first time; he is the absolute definition of a true medical professional. He actively listened to my issue, was empathetic and made me feel at ease ( I felt very embarrassed to start with). I felt he dedicated his time and “translated” the medical terminology and explained my options. I normally dread doctors visits but I’m very comfortable and relaxed about the follow up.

Patient at BMI The Priory Hospital - August 2018

Mr Toozs-Hobson stepped in to save the day after I had been let down by my care in the NHS. He was compassionate and understanding. A hugely comforting presence who turned a horrible situation around.

Patient at BMI The Priory Hospital - May 2018


My stress incontinence had reached a bad stage, I was using the largest size of pad and sometimes even that wasn't enough to prevent "accidents" as I also have a persistent cough. Philip has a down to earth and straightforward manner that minimises the inevitable (at least for me) embarrassment. The procedure involved a general anaesthetic and overnight stay and has been a success. Now using much smaller pads and no accidents. However I did need to self catheterise after the operation, which I didn't expect. That was horrible! I gave up after 2 weeks which turned out to be OK anyway.

Patient - March 2018


I saw Mr Tooz-Hobson privately about a prolapse I had developed after having my first child. I had never heard of a rectocele or cystocele before having a baby and so was upset and frightened about how this would affect my life. I had already seen one gynaecologist who was dismissive and told me that I should stop running (my favourite hobby)! Mr Tooz-Hobson was extremely helpful and reassuring, taking the time to discuss my worries and options for future treatment.

Patient - February 2018

I had retro pubic TVT as part of my surgery December 2017. Thankfully my recovery has been successful and pain free.

Mr Tooz-Hobson gave excellent advice prior to surgery about my options and the research re TVT surgery and the possible side effects.

I have no regrets and my quality of life have significantly improved within such a short time following surgery.

Sheila Taheny - BMI The Priory Hospital - January 2018


I went to see Mr.Toozs-Hobson for stress incontinence and was somewhat nervous about the side effects of having the retropubic tape procedure. He was very patient and thorough, talking through all my concerns and putting my mind at ease.

I decided to have the procedure done in October 2017 and have been extremely pleased with the results. My only regret was not having it done years ago!

I feel stress incontinence is still a taboo subject and many many women still suffer in silence. I'd recommend this procedure to anyone and hope my review may help you to not leave it as long as I did.

Patient - December 2017


In March 2017 I underwent a General Anaesthetic for Botox Injections into the Pelvic Floor, following two years of extreme pain and discomfort.

From the moment I first met Mr Toozs- Hobson I felt I was being listened to and was receiving the best of treatment.

I was well aware of any side effects but was reassured that it would help with my pain.

I feel that I have had excellent treatment, and am pleased to say that the outcome has given me my life back.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Toozs - Hobson to anyone suffering from Pelvic floor pain.

Patient - November 2017


I went to see Mr Tooze -Hobson for stress incontinence and initially physiotherapy corrected the condition. After a number of years and following a long period of caring it was time for surgery. Mr Tooz-Hobson spent a long time explaining all the options and together we agreed a TVT would be suitable. It was my decision and I'm so glad I went for that option. I had the operation April 2016 which went very well and I've never had an oops moment since, which has made a fantastic difference to my life. I wish I had the operation earlier and would recommend it to others. I have recently broken my ankle and I dread to think what I'd be like if I hadn't had the operation with all the hopping around. Thank you, you've changed my life and I am really grateful, just hope my leg is fixed as good.

Patient - September 2017


At the time of seeing Mr Tooze -Hobson there was a great deal of controversy over the operation I was about to have. He explained the procedure in great detail, giving me both the pros and cons. He spent quite some time doing this and at no time did I feel patronised. The descision was then mine to make. I have had the operation which went very well. I am now a new woman. I can only speak very highly of his surgery, friendliness and professionalism.

Patient - August 2017


I had the above procedure done on the 26/01/2017. He was professional but also kept me at ease. He and his team were amazing and so were the theatre staff. If you are due an operation under his team then you are in the hands of an angel.

Patient - February 2017


I was first saw Mr. Toosz Hobson for a prolapse, he explained all of my options clearly and helped me decide the best course of treatment. On the day of my procedure he made me feel at ease and took time to talk me through everything. His aftercare was exceptional. I was extremely satisfied with his care and professionalism, nothing was too much trouble. I would not hesitate in going back to him or recommending him to others. He made a very sensitive situation much easier to cope with.

Patient - December 2016


I was first referred to Mr Tooz-Hobson by my GP. For a prolapse and he explained to me what my problem was he is very professional and knowledgable and explains it thoroughly in a friendly manner so you can understand.on the morning of my operation he came on the ward to explain in simple terms what he was going to do and put my mind at ease.After the operation he came again onto the ward and explained what he had done etc in a friendly manner.I had outpatient appts after my treatment. Has been a great success I would recommend Mr Tooz-Hobson to any patient needing Urology treatment etc.He is an Excellent Consutant.

Patient - March 2016

Kind and respectful of dignity. Made a commitment to operate on me within a certain timeframe - a commitment which he kept. Results of surgery so far are fabulous. I would thoroughly recommend this doctor.

Patient - May 2015